New headphones just sound better

If you’re a gamer, chances are you’ve wrestled with the problem of how you listen to all the noises while everyone’s asleep but a new solution might be the ultimate thing to use.

If you’re a gamer, chances are you’ve wrestled with the problem of how you listen to all the gunshots, explosions, chatter, and other noises while everyone’s asleep. While I’d probably just pump it up much to the irritation of other people, you’ll probably look to invest in a good set of headphones that really let you game in full surround.

Plantronics look like they’ll be bringing a new headset to gamers that brings full Dolby 5.1 in a way that doesn’t need extra headphones or any of that fancy and often fake 5.1 headphone setups.

Dubbed the Gamecom 777, the new headphones will let listeners hear simulated 5.1 audio through just the regular left and right channels. With simulated audio, the sound will feel like it’s happening all around you instead of having a front left, back left, front right, back right, center, and subwoofer channel blasted all around the two ears you’ve got.

The Gamecom 777 are also said to be open headphones meaning that you’ll not only be able to hear what’s going on around you but also that the sound will have more room to move and thus give you better sound than closed headphones where the sound just reverberates inside the small cans.

Skype users and gamers who need to yell at their buddies for doing something wrong won’t be left out with a hide away boom microphone sitting inside the headphones.

Available later this year, we’ll have a review up just as soon as Plantronics let us look at some.

And in case you’re curious, I run a pair of Plantronics headphones at work and at home so expect these to be pretty good.

Original article @ Crave

Written by Leigh D. Stark