New Assassin’s Creed II Info

In an interview with website OXM, Ubisoft’s Patrice Desilets gives some clues about what’s in store for Assassin’s Creed II

Assassin’s Creed was a very popular third-person action adventure video game that won a few awards, with the main criticism being that it could be a bit repetitive in places.

Going by the an interview Ubisoft Montreal’s Patrice Desilets had recently with gaming site, OXM, this might have been resolved with there now being up to 15 mission types, which between them will have about 100 missions – this does not include the 100 side missions. So, overall it looks like Ubisoft has taken the critiques onboard.

Also, there are less delays in play time. For example in the first rendition, when you stabbed somebody, you spoke with them, but instead of being 90 seconds it will be 15 seconds.
Overall, he said it will be harder than Assassin’s Creed, so for hard-core gamers it will provide challenges not available in the first game.