Myst Online to become open source

Cyan Worlds – developers of the “Myst” series of games – are making their multi-user title “Myst Online” available as open source.

One of the first best sold games around the world was Myst, an adventure game that sent you off to another world and took people’s breaths and imaginations away. It wasn’t actually until Maxis’ & Electronic Arts’ “The Sims” came along until it got well and truly knocked from that spot.

Over the years, Myst has spawned many a sequel including the 3D title “Uru”, a game that even had an online counterpart called “Uru Live” or Myst Online. Now, Cyan Worlds – the developer of the game – are doing something interesting with Myst Online :

They’re giving it away.

In a move that’s not exactly normal in the realm of video games, Cyan Worlds are releasing Uru Live’s client & server architecture to the open source world allowing regular players to put up their own server and make Myst Online well and truly theirs.

This sort of action might not make a dent in a world already punctured by titles like World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Age of Conan, and Warhammer Online. But on the other hand, Myst Online is now free and while it doesn’t have the same sort of character development as many of the other multi-user games out there, it might be a great title to introduce people to the back-end of running a gaming server.

Source: CNet