Motorola Gets In On Smartphone Act

Motorola’s latest offering in the smartphone space uses TelstraOne Experience

Motorola’s newest smartphone has been designed to make managing your social and work life easy, and utilises Telstra’s new mobile user interface, TelstraOne Experience.

This new interface is claimed to allow the Motosurf A3100 to deliver one-click access for fast, easy availability to a user’s favourite advanced mobile content and applications including Facebook, Mobile Foxtel from Telstra and Sensis search services.

Like most smartphones, users can listen to to MP3s, update Facebook, as well as use GPS or video conferencing on the run.

It utilises out-of-the-box customised applets such as Today, Messaging, Slideshow, World Clock and Tasks.

Users can choose to surf ‘their way’, accessing content using either the tip of your finger, a stylus, or the built-in omni-directional trackball.

Key Features

  • Navigate by touching or swiping a finger across the vibrant touch screen, or use the omni-directional trackball. Use the digital keypad to communicate quickly and easily with the embedded stylus.

  • Uses Telstra’s 3G speed, connecting with HSDPA, HSUPA and Wi-Fi.

  • Users can customise their icon-based home screen, obtain access to continuous “live” updates of RSS feeds, weather, email, news and calendar events. Connect with friends and update status with one-touch access to Facebook.

  • Windows Media Player enables users to transfer music, videos and images from a PC. Watch streaming video anytime, anywhere with YouTube.