Monster Offers In-Ear Headphones

Monster claims new headphones are virtually indestructible

Monster’s Jamz in-ear headphones are claimed to be virtually indestructible, and were recently honored with an Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Award by the Consumer Electronics Association.

Monster’s new range also includes the compact, entry-level “Lil’ Jamz as well as the new Mobile Jamz, which featurea host of features including a 2G microSD 2G card reader and Monster Music Manager software.

With their solid metal construction and audio-enhancing technologies, Monster Jamz are engineered to the same standards as all Monster headphones.

Key to the high-performance, says Monster, is their 100 percent solid metal construction. In addition to making them virtually indestructible, the metal housing cancels vibrations, too. Additionally, Jamz’ bright scratch- and corrosion-resistant chrome finish is claimed to be a more durable surface than anodization, plastic or paint.

Unsurprisingly Jamz headphones come with Monster cable, featuring patented technologies for accurate and clear audio, with 24k gold contacts for maximum signal transfer and corrosion resistance. A rugged cable strain relief system protects the cable and withstands heavy-duty use, and a cable management clip controls and keeps weight off the headphones, ensuring they stay in the user’s ears.

All Jamz headphones come with multiple pairs of different sized eartips.