Mobile Computer From Nokia

Nokia’s new handset, the N900, is being touted as the mobile computer, as opposed to a mobile phone.

Nokia’s N900, handset the first Nokia Linux-based unit, is being touted by the manufacturer as a mobile computer that has the ability to personalise up to four different home screens with widgets, contacts and shortcuts.

Users can also keep multiple windows and web browsers open simultaneously on the mobile’s dashboard, which makes multi-tasking between internet pages, applications and conversations quick and easy, claims Nokia.

It also has a high performance Mozilla browser which also supports Adobe Flash 9.4 and gestures, allowing you to use drop down menus, watch Flash videos and access the web on a mobile device screen.

At a recent event, Nokia gave a sneak peak of its ‘behind the scenes’ WRT widget for V8 fans which was developed in collaboration with the Triple8/Team Vodafone and TigerSpike. It also provided information on a partnership with Aussie sporting information service, Sportal, to create applications for popular Australian sports.