Mini Media Player For USB Drives

WD’s next generation of media player offers up 1080i resolution

WD’s TV Mini Media Player enables playback of RealNetworks, Inc.’s RealVideo content and allows consumers to play their stored digital content in up to 1080i HD resolution directly on their HD television.

The WD TV Mini Media Player connects to a user’s TV or home theatre and plays digital movies, music and photos stored on USB drives.

The unit supports playback of digital media on most USB mass storage devices such as digital camcorders and digital cameras.

According to research firm Parks Associates, the average consumer household currently has approximately 298 GB of digital media, which will reach approximately 898 GB of digital media by 2012.

In order to play their content on their TV, consumers have struggled with solutions such as copying onto multiple CDs and DVDs or connecting their PCs to their TVs via wires or complicated home networking solutions, claims WD. This unit suits the needs of those with a large media collection that are looking for an easy and affordable solution to watch their digital media on their TV.

Features include:

  • Supports a variety of file formats including RealMedia Variable Bitrate (RMVB);
  • Rich HD 1080i advanced navigation and user interface
  • DVD-like navigation with chapter support, trick modes and subtitles
  • Expandable:  buy more storage, delete fewer movies
  • Photo slideshow with unique transitions and music on your HD TV
  • Thumbnail support including photo thumbnails and music album art
  • Ability to preview your video during navigation (480 and 720 mode only)
  • Video, music and photo auto-play for users digital signage solution
  • Subtitle support including multi-language subtitle support for video playback
  • Picture Transfer Protocol to view or backup content from your digital image device
  • Compatible with USB Camcorders and USB mass storage devices
  • Component and composite video output
  • Digital optical audio output via SPDIF
  • Ultra-compact design making it perfectly portable for travel.