Microsoft Reveals New Search Engine

Microsoft releases new rendition of its search engine

Yet another attempt to knock Google off its almost monopolistic share of the search engine market is being attempted, this time by Microsoft with the release of its Bing search engine.
Calling the new tool a “decision engine”, it offers a range of new features including Web Groups, which organises results “not only in the pane but also in the actual results generated on the page.”. A Best Match feature shows users what the search engine believes is the best result for a query, while Deep Links tells people more about what a site has to offer.

An interesting feature designed to speed up information gathering is Instant Answers, which helps find information within the body of a search page, instead of having to do click through after click through.

Rumour has it Microsoft is willing to spend up to US$100 million in marketing the new engine to consumers in the hope of closing the gap. Google has between 70-90 percent of marketshare in western countries, while Microsoft’s current engine, MSN, has about 6 percent.