Logitech Update Guitar Hero Axe

Logitech has ‘refurbished’ its controller for the Guitar Hero game for PS2 and PS3

Logitech has released a new guitar controller that is compatible with Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero World Tour games for the PS2 and PS3.

It’s neck is made of real wood, the frets and tuning pegs are metal, and the fingerboard is made from real rosewood. The strum bar is claimed to be whisper quiet, according to
Logitech, and the fret buttons don’t do the annoying clickety-clack sound that has been part of other iterations.

Users will also get a 2.4GHz wireless USB receiver for the PS3 and PS2. Logitech says that two AA batteries will give hundreds of hours of playing time.

Best of all though, is it’s wireless capabilities, which means you are not tied to the console and you can do you best Angus Young, Jeff Beck or Eddie Van Halen impersonation up to 10 metres away.