Kingston release 16 GB microSDHC card

Forget about mobile memory woes, the folk at Kingston have announced today that they will release a 16 GB MicroSDHC Flash card.

Vaughan Nankivell, Regional Manager- Australia and New Zealand for Kingston Technology said the new high function smart phones have increased the need for a larger micro SD.

“The increased functionality of the latest mobile phones has helped fuel and raise consumers’ appetites for more digital content. Today’s mobile lifestyle includes using phones as portable media players and as a camera. The Kingston®16GB microSDHC card removes the barrier of limited internal handset or device memory and allows users to store more photos, songs, games and videos.”

Kingston 16GB microSDHC cards can store more than 3,000 digital songs, over 8,000 images from a 5MP cameraphone, or up to 16 hours of video. Newer handset models from manufacturers such as LG, Motorola, Nokia, RIM and Sony Ericsson support 16GB external storage.

The Kingston 16GB microSDHC card has a suggested price of $90.00