Jabra Bluetooth BT3030 headset

Jabra goes to war with their latest insertion into the bluetooth marketplace – a dog tag style stereo BT headset

Jabra goes to war with their latest insertion into the bluetooth marketplace – a dog tag style stereo headset…

With a plethora of bluetooth headset solutions on the market, the folk at Jabra are constantly looking for a new way to spin an old idea. The Jabra BT3030 is a uniquely placed bluetooth device that scores points for its gimmick factor – come on it’s a dog tag my friend, dog tag! – yet still manages to perform in the competency stakes.

Billed as “urban and edgy” – there is no denying the Jabra BT3030 will cause you’re more macho friends to begin to drool.You can either wear the device by hanging it around your neck lanyard style with the accompanying metal chain or there is a clothes clip for those who don’t wanna get quite so urban edge…

In terms of functionality, the BT3030 is fairly basic. There are seven buttons in total for controlling your media player and the bluetooth feature for answering calls. Switch the device on and a bright blue light alerts you to the power up process and let’s you know that your phone is paired or that your music player is in use.

Once you’ve enabled Bluetooth functionality on your phone, the BT3030 easily pairs with the push of a button. Sound quality on the call is good and according to my friend on the other end of the line, audio was clear from her end as well.

The Bluetooth range seems to peak at around the 4-5 metre mark – after that reception tends to fluctuate, however since you’re mostly going to have your phone on you when using this device that doesn’t seem to be too much of an issue.

Now as for the music remote functionality – if you’re after bells and whistles, look elsewhere – this is a remote at its most basic – no screen or song info here – just basic button pushing for playing, fast forwarding, rewinding and volume control. Anything more and you’ll have to pull your handset out, so make sure you create your play list before you hit the jogging trail.


  • lanyard style makes a change from the standard ear piece
  • rugged design, comfy ear buds


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