Invasion Of The Giant Insects!

Nintendo has launched Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects for the DS, which is the third installment of the Giants franchise.

Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects is the third installment in the Combat of Giants franchise, following on from Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs and Combat of Giants: Dragons.

Similar to its predecessors, Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects has been designed for 6 to 10 year-old boys who love to create and customise giant creatures and make them fight for their survival. Multiplayer features include offline duel and tournament modes for up to four players. The game will be shipped along with an exclusive trading card game, compatible with the Combat of Giants: Dragons card game.

Like previous Combat of Giants games, this version is a combination of exploration, customisation and combat. The player first chooses the Mutant Insect he wants to master. Scorpio, Flying Ant, Spider, or Mantis – each creature has specific abilities and powers that can be used for exploration and combat. This variety means that the player will experience four different gaming experiences. The player uses gems collected during exploration and combat to upgrade physical traits, powers, and strength. Each insect can upgrade the strength and resistance of four different physical characteristics (head, spit, claws and legs) to increase its strength and resistance. Six unique special powers (fire, ice, poison, regenerate, shock and reflect) can be attached to any insect, increasing the strategic element of combat.

The Combat of Giants combat system has been revamped to give the player a more direct control over a character. There is a new boxing phase based on attacks and counter-attacks, resulting in faster-paced combat than that found in previous titles. With five different real-time actions, six special powers and a new burrowing attack, the player can now create his own fighting-style, adapting his strategy to specific enemies they are encountered. When overcome, some enemies will drop one or several of the 25,000 different collectable gems found in the game, allowing the player to upgrade his creature and get access to new deadly combos.

Landscapes are taken from a post-apocalyptic world. Destroyed buildings, caves and pits compose the environments of the 11 different maps that the player can explore in the game. Four mysterious territories await the player to discover their secrets: Ruined City, Lava Desert, Bamboo Forest and Swamps. The mutant insects have new abilities that allow them to interact with the environment. By walking over game elements such as trucks or street lights, they can crush them, gaining health orbs and golden gems as a reward. They can also use their spit attack to trigger objects at a distance. For the first time in a Combat of Giants game, the creatures can dig to explore underground caverns and use a special power to see through the fog and seek out enemies lurking in the foggy depth.

In addition to the solo adventure, the game includes two multiplayer modes, Duel and Tournament. Up to four friends can compete against each other to see who masters the most powerful mutant insect. Moreover, each game will be shipped with a pack of 15 cards from the exclusive Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects trading card game, featuring 54 different cards to collect and to play with against friends. The cards are compatible with the cards included in the Combat of Giants: Dragons packs.