Intel Powers Ultra-Thin Laptops

Longer battery life is promised by new Intel processors

New laptops powered by the latest Ultra-Low Voltage (ULV) Intel processors let users travel light and give you great performance for music, video, photos and more,claims Intel
The optimised energy-efficient technology of the processors is claimed to enable longer battery life.

The new Intel-based ultra-low voltage processor laptops typically measure less than 1 inch thick and weighing about 1 to 2 pounds less than standard laptops, ultra-thin laptops are effortless to carry on the go while still delivering the performance you need.

Intel ultra-low voltage processors are optimised for battery life, so you can stay unplugged longer and use your laptop on the go without having to search for power outlets. Delivering a balance of performance and power consumption, Intel ULV processors also consume less power, enabling sleeker designs. And with low-power consumption, ultra-thin laptops can use smaller fans and cooling components, enabling thinner and sleeker designs.

WiMax is built into the laptop. Adding the optional WiMAX technology will put users at the cutting edge of 4G wireless Internet broadband, claims Intel It’s like taking the fast, high-performance Internet experience you’ve come to expect at home all around town with you.