High-Quality Audio For Laptop?

Logitech has produced a speaker designed specifically for your laptop.

For a theatre-like experience on your laptop, Logitech Australia claims the Speaker Lapdesk N700 is the answer and it also comes with a built-in fan and a wide padded base.

Unlike most laptop speakers, the N700 offers two built-in high-definition speakers with 2-inch high-performance speakers. Designed for notebook computers, the stereo speakers are positioned on either side of the laptop to give you rich sound and powerful bass. And, because they connect through a single USB cable, there’s no cable clutter or the hassle of moving and setting up external speakers.

A quiet, efficient fan circulates air under the notebook, and the heat-shielding design helps keep laptop heat off your legs and lap. Plus, a grill protects the fan from dust and damage, and rear and bottom air intakes ensure steady, unobstructed airflow.

The unit is said to be easy to set up and use – plug in the single USB cable and play movies, music, online videos, and more in rich, full stereo sound – there’s no software to install and no need for batteries. And to put convenient, independent control at your fingertips, the Speaker Lapdesk N700 offers volume controls for the speakers and an On/Off switch for the fan.