Game to simulate a pandemic

The United States military have commissioned the development of a influenza pandemic video game.

The U.S. military take their games seriously, with the release of America’s Army as part of their recruitment strategy and recently spending $US50 million on the development of a game training unit, but now they’re preparing for the worst case scenario – an influenza pandemic.

“The world is due for an influenza pandemic, with the last one occurring in 1968, and there is a severe shortage of caregivers experienced in pandemic flu response,” said Bob Waddington of SimQuest, the developer contracted to produce the game.

As part of the game, health care professionals and military personnel – the game doesn’t have a planned release to the public at this stage – can practice response tactics, recognise outbreaks and execute strategies to limit the spread of the disease, according to SimQuest.

“Our goal is to create an engaging training application for medical treatment facility administrators and supervisors, as well as the military, which can increase readiness and minimise the potential for chaos during the next pandemic outbreak of influenza.” said Waddington.

Source: CNET