Full-HD Memory Cards From Lexar

Lexar Memory Cards claim high-speed transfer rates from the card to PC.

One of the annoying things about transferring photos or videos from a memory card to the computer can be the time it takes. We’ve all been in a hurry to get something finished so we can send a pic to a relative, or maybe there is some urgent work deadline that needs to be met, but the transfer rate seems to hinder rather than help.

Lexar believes its new range of memory cards for for both SD and HD videos offer fast transfer rates for video for capturing and storing videos in 1080 resolution full-HD video.

The Lexar SDHC Full-HD Video memory card is available in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB capacities, with the ability to record up to 90, 180, and 360 minutes of content, respectively. The Lexar Memory Stick PRO Duo Full-HD Video memory card comes in capacities of 4GB and 8GB.

These cards are said to allow consumers the capacity to record and store more of life’s milestones and important events, as well as the speeds to quickly move that content from the card to the host computer. They also receive Lexar Media’s reliability, helping to ensure that captured video remains safe when stored on the Lexar Full-HD memory card.

The cards also include jewel cases and writeable labels to help users organise and identify videos.


SDHC Full-HD 4GB $24.85
SDHC Full-HD 8GB $40.80
SDHC Full-HD 16GB $73.50
MSPD Full-HD 4GB $30.50
MSPD Full-HD 8GB $50.25