Front Mission Free Download

  • Pre-Order game and get exclusive content
  • Totally immersive story line
  • Historical insight to series on offer

Square Enix has announced the release of the Front Mission Evolved, Digital Dossier a free download accessed through the product’s website.

Digital Dossier is an air application that comprises a host of unique and exclusive material taken from the Front Mission series. The kit includes concept art, music soundtrack, In-game sound effects, digital art book, wallpapers, screensavers and much, much more. The Digital Dossier is available worldwide in five languages and is a unique look into the world of Front Mission Evolved and is claimed to offer a rare insight into the history of the series.

If you pre-order Front Mission Evolved you receive two exclusive, classic Front Mission Wanzers:

  • Calm: A Wanzer that has long been a part of the Front Mission series. Although its appearance is far from intimidating, this war machine is unmatched in melee combat as well as long-range firefights when equipped with the appropriate weapons.
  • Rexon: As in previous Front Mission titles, Rexon is a skilled sniper-type Wanzer. Once equipped with a rifle, it becomes a threat to anything that crosses its line of fire.

The first of its kind in the series, Front Mission Evolved is said to be an action-packed third-person shooter and the next instalment in the classic Front Mission franchise. Players will take control of the Wanzer, a massive humanoid, fully customisable war machine, in single player campaign and online multi-player.

Featuring Hollywood style production values and a totally immersive storyline, players are thrust deep into a swirl of destruction, conspiracy and crumbling alliances, and battle through intense combat situations as man strives to create the ultimate humanoid fighting machine in a war against terror.