Free Streetfighter IV Upgrade Coming

Popular fighting game has free update for PS3 and Xbox 360 users

Popular Capcom title Streetfighter IV is getting a new upgrade called Championship Mode, which will be available for Xbox 360 and PS3 users – and best of all, it will be free, according to Capcom blog site Capcom Unity.

This new tournament mode will include a few different levels of competition including:

  • SG Championship (SUPER GRADE): 5 rounds long. The highest grade championship in which only top players can participate.
  • G1 Championship (GRADE 1): rounds long, for advanced players
  • G2 Championship (GRADE2 2): 4 rounds long, for intermediate players
  • G3 Championship (GRADE3) 3 rounds long, for beginners
  • FREE Championship (Free Grade): 4 rounds long, open to anyone regardless of their level.

According to the blog: “One of the best things about the new mode is that can play in tournaments in just the same way you can use the “arcade request” feature, so you’re free to play in arcade mode while waiting for your next tournament challenger, who will be chosen automatically based on your rank.”

And for gamers who get frustrated at those who quit halfway through a bout, your prayers may have been answered. If you do have a penchant to have a hissy fit when things aren’t going your way and you pull the plug, the system will dock your progress in the tournament – and they will name and shame by displaying a users disconnect percentage.