Faeries vs. Darklings on Facebook

  • New spells
  • Buy new fortunes
  • Gift spells to friends

Have you had a chance to play the Puzzle Adventure Faeries vs. Darklings?  Well now is the time, as the new official version 1.0 is live on Facebook.

In this new release, gamers are now rewarded with the Daily Fortune. Spin to win a mountain of gold coins to buy spells and share with your friends. Also the latest version are new spells, which are bestowed upon you for every new island that you reach, as well as a host of visual and game-play improvements to streamline your puzzle-gaming experience. 

Faeries vs. Darklings Patch Includes:

  • New User Interface and messaging
  • Daily Fortune free spin available every day.
  • Paid Fortune – you can buy a fortune anytime you want for a just a few tokens.
  • Spell Auto-Buy – you now have the option to automatically recharge your spell orbs when they run empty.
  • Reward for conquering islands – you receive a coin reward now for when you conquer every forest on the island.
  • Spell Gifting – you can now gift one spell of any kind to a friend once a day!
  • Leaderboards – there are now leaderboards for Overall, per Island and for each Forest within.
  • Tokens can now unlock the islands.
  • Friend’s Wall Posting – Brag to your friends that you have best score.
  • New spells are available to upgrade your original ones. Explore new islands to receive new spells including:
  1. Howling Crags: unlock Blizzard spell that freezes all enemies in the screen.
  2. Spiritania: Unlock Detonation spell that matches all gems in a 5 x 5 area.
  3. Forsaken Forest: unlock Convene that makes your first two warriors ready
  4. Twin Rivers: unlock Entangle that matches all gems in a row and a column.
  5. Emerald Peaks: unlock Flare push enemies back for 6s