Epson All-in-One Projector (EMP-DM1)

Unpack this projector from the carton – plug it in and Voila! Away you go for a night of cinematic entertainment!

So, it’s the night of the footy final and your mates are all coming around to watch TV – only problem is your TV is about the size of a fruit box… Well then, you may wanna head out to the shops and buy yourself one of these babies from Epson.

The Epson DMP-DM1 is a projector for the home theatre user without the giant price tag. For little more than $1000 you will get a portable projector system (it even has a built in handle) that should handle the domestic situation adequately. Sure if you’re an enthusiast it’s not going to stack up against its big brothers in the Epson range, like the EMP TW1000, but if you’re simply looking to play DVDs with the benefit of a big screen image, then look no further…

It’s not going to win any design prizes with its unfashionably boxy look, and dull grey/white colour scheme but what the DMP-DM1 loses in looks it gains in value for money. Measuring just 320 x 230 x 135mm and weighing in at 3.8kg, the unit has a built in DVD player which supports a number of formats (including DivX for those of you that are free download freaks) and it’s this built in player that is its biggest asset – making the unit completely portable.

Given that this is a entry level projector system the EMPDM1 has no lens shift capabilities so Epson have included a digital keystone feature to help you align your image – although this can only square the screen to a certain degree. What this means is that for optimal use, the projector has to be placed directly in front of the screen for best results. On even surfaces be sure to employ the projectors feet for best results.

The EMPDM1 has a built in speaker system, but at only 8W they’re not going to be much chop when it comes to watching your favourite action flick or the latest big blockbuster – for this you will need to connect the system to your home theatre hifi via the coaxial digital out. But if watching a drama or your fave TV show on a big screen these speakers will more than suffice.


  • Portable and easy to use
  • Plays Div X files for all you free download nuts


    The built in speaker system is fine for dramas – but needs a boost for action flicks

Product: Epson EMP-DM1 All-In-One Projector

Vendor: Epson

Rate: 3.5

Retail Price: From $999 (RRP 1199)

Website: Epson

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