Dragonball Z Burst Limit Preview

We take an early look at one of the hottest anime titles to really make an impression on us.

Now that the next generation of video games systems is well and truly here, developers have been quick to come up with ways of making our dreams come to life. We’re already seeing lifelike graphics in gameplay and not just in-game movies, but now we’re also beginning to see Japan’s anime become a nice reality that we can play.

Eternal Sonata last year showed us that the majestic and beautiful artwork found in anime could indeed be replicated inside a video game. Now the team at Namco Bandai are bringing the famed children’s show Dragonball Z to a game worthy of the name.

We took a sneak peak at Burst Limit and saw a game that no anime fan – young or otherwise – is going to be able to shy away from. The colours are nice and crisp while the edges of characters really seem like they’re blended with hand drawn cel-shading to the point that you could probably confuse this with an actual episode of the show quite easily.

What Burst Limit seems to do that makes it so different from other Dragonball games of the past is to really flesh out the odd Japanese haminess of the show while showcasing the beauty of something as simple as cel-shading. Previous Dragonball titles have gone for 3D engines or 2d-whatever-we-can-afford at the time, but with Burst Limit, we’re seeing the bar get significantly higher with every double-fisted blow.

When Dragonball Z Burst Limit is out, this will seriously be one title to look out for.

Even if you’re not a Dragonball Z fan, ’cause I’m not and even I’m enjoying it immensely.