Download For Buzz!

SCE Australia has announced a Buzz quiz pack for the PlayStationStore

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has announced the first locally produced quiz pack for BUZZ! on PS3, available for download from PlayStationStore.

The new BUZZ! AFL quiz pack will test your AFL knowledge from the opening bounce to the final siren. An officially licensed AFL product, this additional download quiz pack provides fans with over 500 challenging questions based on official AFL statistics and history.

Download the AFL quiz pack now from PlayStationStore to add it directly to your BUZZ! in-game carousel, then get ready to kick, mark and ruck your way through a tonne of fun football trivia, all delivered in Buzz’s inimitable style.

You can purchase additional quiz packs if you own BUZZ! Quiz TV or BUZZ! Brain of Oz for PS3 and are registered for free on PlayStation Network. Once you’ve downloaded any of the available BUZZ! quiz packs, you can test yourself on that subject or incorporate the questions with all the others.

The BUZZ! AFL quiz pack is available now for download from PlayStation Store for $12.95.