Digital ‘Phones From Sennheiser

Sennheiser claims next step in wireless digital tech with its RS range of headphones

They may be a bit pricey, but Sennheiser’s range of wireless digital headphones are certain to make people sit up and listen.

No matter whether connected to a television set or sound system – the RS160, RS170 and RS180 have dynamic sound transducers with powerful neodymium magnets ensure a clear, high-resolution audio playback whilst the Kleer transmission technology promises uncompressed transmission of the audio data.

“The RS 160, RS 170 and RS 180 headphones represent a perfectly free, wireless sound experience,” says Maurice Quarré, Head of Product Management Consumer Electronics at Sennheiser. “All three models offer highly impressive audio quality – with no cables to get in the way. They all use Kleer transmission technology, which operates without compression and therefore without any audio loss.”

Not only can you move around while watching television but you have cable-free music at a radius of up to 100 metres (RS 160 up to 20 metres, RS 170 up to 80 metres and RS 180 up to 100 metres, line of sight.

Tried and tested Sennheiser technology ensures transparent and balanced sound with the new wireless headphones.With a sound pressure level of 110 decibels the three headphones have outstanding dynamics.

The RS 160 is the entry-level model: the closed headphones impress with their detailed sound and powerful bass reproduction. The volume can be controlled directly on the headphones.

The RS 170 is also a closed model and delivers dynamic bass boost and switchable surround sound.

The top-of-the-range RS 180 model is targeted at sound purists; the open design ensures a particularly natural listening experience which can be set to individual preferences. The speech intelligibility can be improved through dynamic compression and the balance can also be individually adjusted.

It’s just so easy to connect the wireless headphones – whether to a television set, stereo system or DVD-Player, claims Sennheiser. If the transmitter is connected to an audio or video device, it automatically transmits the audio data to the headphones: switch them on, put them on and sit back and enjoy the results. The 2-gigahertz digital radio transmission ensures smooth transmission with a high signal-to-noise ratio of 85 dBA. The Kleer technology even allows the listening pleasure to be shared as up to four headphones can receive radio signals via one transmitter.