Dell Monitor for Gamers

Dells new LCD monitor removes the need for onsite calibration or tuning

Dell’s UltraSharp 24-inch LCD monitor is said to incorporates the latest in panel technology and colour processing with support for industry standard colour spaces and nice colour depths including up to 1.07 billion colours.

With built-in processing technology, the display helps distinguish low grey-scale tones and delivers vibrant and realistic colours across all display modes, and is shipped with a colour-calibrated factory report removing the need for any onsite tuning and calibration.

The Dell U2410 also includes a number of ergonomic design features like a height adjustable screen that can tilt, swivel and pivot. The display is also large enough for customers to multi-task by viewing full sized spreadsheets and blueprints, alongside multiple applications or Web pages, without having to scroll within large documents or toggle between application windows.

The unit includes a large number of connectivity options for wide compatibility such as Display Port, 2X DVI-D (HDCP) and a VGA connector. This allows the monitor to be hooked up to high definition video cameras, gaming consoles, DVD players or cable boxes. Picture-in-picture (PIP) and picture-by-picture (PBP) modes, which can be enabled with the touch of a button, allow users to watch content from a video input and view their PC simultaneously, on a single display.