Dell Getting Into Smartphones?

Is Dell about to enter into the smartphone category? Maybe..

A rumour out of China of all places, says that it is possible Dell could be getting a smartphone. A blurry photo on one of the Chinese messageboard PDAFans claims it is true.

You can’t really tell too much from the picture due to it being blurred, however it does look like the Dell logo on the bottom.

Of course the problem with the rumour coming out of China is that there are factories pumping out millions of units of imitation gear every week, so maybe somebody got their logos mixed up.

However, to be fair, Dell founder and CEO, Michael Dell, did hint earlier this year that he might get into the smartphone market as the company already has 3G-compatible devices.

We’re betting that the company will get into the market, but whether this unit is the real-deal is another thing altogether.