Dante Demo In December

Dante’s Inferno is coming out as a demo for both the PS3 and Xbox

Dante’s Inferno: Gates of Hell is said to be coming out in demo version in December, according to exec producer Jonathan Knight.

“Our main goal from the start of this project has been to create a journey that will make gamers truly feel like they are going through hell. The demo will give everyone some insight into how we are treating the story and a taste of the game play. And with nine more circles of hell to explore once the game comes out in February, we are literally just scratching the surface,” he said in a press release.

It will available on both the PS Network and for Xbox Live and will give an good insight into a game that comes with visual effects by Blur.

The game has been marked for release on Xbox 360, PSP and PlayStation 3 in Europe and North America early in 2010. There has been no word about the