Cutting Your Home Network Wires

A netgear router might be the solution you are looking for when setting up a wireless broadband with your CE devices.

By Branko Miletic

Make: Netgear
Model: Max Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router

At its most basic, the Netgear Range Max Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router is a device that you plug into your broadband outlet, and then use the plug-and-play functions of most modern laptops, PCs, Printers, external hard drives.

After pushing the Push ‘N’ Connect button on the Router, sit back, relax and roam the web and/or your home network wirelessly – no more unsightly cables. It turns one broadband access point into many—all wireless.

Since the router is dual-band, a wide range of devices can be plugged in, making Internet telephony, gaming and content sharing between computers at home a breeze.

For security, the router uses business class WPA2 encryption, which should give you piece of mind as far as security is concerned. In theory, somebody roaming around outside trying to pick up your wireless – which is possible – should have a hard time doing so with the encryption.

If you need to measure your downloads, the router even comes with a traffic meter which will give you daily, weekly or monthly internet traffic reports for your records.

With its 680 MHz processor, the unit can be adapted for turning a home or office into a clutter-free, wireless workspace.

Pros: Easy to set up; well priced; dual band

Cons: Will require reset if its turned off; only 4 ethernet ports; power plug a bit too short

4 out of 5 shacks