Crazy Knockout For Wii

Cooking party on the horizon for Wii users

Ubisoft has two new Playzone games, available on Wii: Knockout Party, which was released last week, and Cooking Party, to be released on November 26th.

Freely inspired by famous TV shows, such as Intervilles in France or Takashi Castle in Japan, Knockout Party allows up to four players on the game. Gamers take part in more than 25 mini games located in various environments, from School, to a Bathroom, to the Versailles Castle, in a crazy TV Show atmosphere. Moreover, you will experience a 1 VS 3 multiplayer experience due to the “sabotage gameplay” that allows all players to gather to hamper the progression of one single competitor.

Cooking Party allows you to compete or collaborate with your family and friends and discover who is the best chef in Cook City. Taking part in a worldwide international food tour, players will enjoy 40 mini-games in which they will use the Wii remote to grill, cook, bake, cut and roll in numerous recipes from the world’s best cuisine.

As they progress through the different modes they will unlock new recipes such as Ratatouille, Cheese Fondue and Maki Sushi, and earn Chefs’ stars.

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