Chocolate Mobile Exclusive to Telstra

LG’s latest offering in the mobile space gets exclusive with biggest Telco

LG Electronics has released the New Chocolate and New Chocolate Slide, which are only available through Telstra.

With the introduction of its bold new shape, the New Chocolate has a 4-inch wide screen, which opens up an enlarged and more optimal space for on-the-go computing.

Users will see things differently with the widened 21:9 panoramic display that establishes a new level of visual comfort for reading web pages and e-mail and brings movies and games to life with cinematic flair, claims LG.

The New Chocolate Slide comes with an enhanced interactive features, with just one touch, users can enjoy easy, direct access to commonly used features or view the latest news and weather with the Widget Hotkey.

The innovative Clear Memo Capture with Text Scan provides the ability to capture text, handwritten notes or even drawings with enhanced visual clarity for storage on the phone for later recall. The New Chocolate can act as a second brain to keep track of information for those times when there simply doesn’t seem to be enough blank scraps of paper.