Champions Free Fall All Arrives End Of Jan

  • Purchase adventure packs
  • Unlimited play time
  • Free updates

Atari Europe has announced that the Free-to-Play update to the superhero MMORPG Champions Online will be available worldwide on Tuesday, January 25, 2011.

Champions Online: Free For All also features additional premium content for purchase. Adventure Packs, items, powers and costume pieces can be selected a la carte inside Cryptic's C-Store. Additionally, current players may continue subscribing as Gold Members, while new players may also optionally upgrade to Gold status, which unlocks most of the game's content and includes extra features.

The free to play Free For All update offers:

Play Everything – With the exception of special Adventure Packs, all the content in Champions Online: Free For All is available to every player. Once a player enters a location within the MMO game world, nothing is off-limits!

Unlimited Play Time – Play as much as you like, as long as you like, at absolutely no cost. No subscription or credit card required.

Your Own Hero, Your Own Story – Become a hero, encounter his or her Nemesis, and advance to maximum level at no cost.

Play Your Way – Utilize the optional web-based and in-game C-Store to purchase gameplay upgrades or additional premium content.

Champions Online brings heroism to the MMORPG genre with depth that challenges the most experienced online gamers, claims Atari.