CES: Samsung Next-Generation OLED Displays

Samsung Mobile Display new technology includes world’s largest transparent OLED prototype

Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) will be demonstrating three next generation OLED displays at the CES 2010.

First is the14-inch qFHD 3D OLED prototype, claimed to be ‘Crosstalk Free. This 3D panel is said to be the world’s first OLED display to feature qFHD resolution (960x 540), a contrast ratio of 100,000:1, a colour gamut of over 100 percent NTSC and a slim design with a panel thickness of only 1.6mm. Image switching on this prototype panel is fast enough to eliminate optical crosstalk between the two 3D images.

Next is the14-inch qFHD Transparent OLED for Note PCs. Again it is claimed to have a world first and, this time being the largest transparent OLED panel prototype, designed for use in applications from smartphones, MP3s and Note PCs to ‘head-up’ displays for vehicles, and advertisement displays that are interactive and eye-catching. When the screen is off, the prototype has up to a 40 percent transparency. The average amount of transparency in the industry is below 25 percent.

Finally there is the 2-inch Electronic-ID OLED operated by RF Power – an electronic ID card prototype featuring a new chip that stores personal information like an identification number.

RF-powered AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology is used for the enhanced electronic ID cards, taking security to a higher level. It can also securely store biographical information and digital imagery in the card.

The screen requires no additional battery power, and instead can draw power from a nearby RF-powered source that is AMOLED adapted.

Some potential applications for the prototype include:

  • ID document – e-ID; eVisa on passport; driver’s licenses
  • Dynamic security feature for banking & e-commerce – online transactions; credit cards
  • Travel & Transport – vehicle registration cards