CES: Personal Hydrogen Station

Horizon take a gamble on hydrogen fuel cells for future energy needs

Many have tried to take on the big oil companies when it comes to finding an alternative to the potentially global warming enabler, the fossil fuel.

One company believes it has the answer with its hydrogen fuel cell. Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies has unveiled a small home hydrogen refueling and storage solution that could begin our transition to a hydrogen-based economy.

The refueling device is claimed to enable a lower cost, scalable, and consumer-centric hydrogen supply model that is said to eliminate the dependence on large-scale fueling infrastructure investments.

“We no longer need to rely on nationwide networks of hydrogen fueling stations to enable large-scale fuel cell commercialisation,” said Taras Wankewycz, one of the company’s founders. This has been one of the elephants in the room when looking at making hydrogen power an real alternative. “Horizon is initiating a transition that places consumers in the driving seat. Thanks to our innovation each household can gradually become a major part of tomorrow’s hydrogen fuel supply infrastructure.”

Called Hydrofill, this personal hydrogen station plugs into the AC, a solar panel or a small wind turbine, automatically extracts hydrogen from its water tank and stores it in a solid form in small refillable cartridges.

Horizon believes this new development is the first step towards private refueling of new generations of fuel cell electric vehicles. Fuel cell technology can greatly improve the features and usability of many battery or engine-powered devices, and create the possibility for lower cost electric cars that drive longer distances and recharge instantly.

Of course, the only problem is there is no mention of how long it takes to charge a cell, or how long it will last.

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