Camera Self-Timer App For iPhone

From photography vendor Joby comes the Gorillacam, a free camera application for the iPhone.

Gorillacam extends the functionality of the iPhone’s camera and, together with Joby’s Gorillamobile iPhone stand, is designed for hands-free photography.

Designed to extend the iPhone’s native camera functionality, Gorillacam’s features include a self-timer, time-lapse and continuous rapid-fire shooting. The app was created in cooperation with San Francisco-based iPhone developers AppTight.

The Gorillacam’s self-timer function allows the user to set a custom time delay, which is suitable for taking group photos or self-portraits.

Gorillacam complements Joby’s Gorillamobile for 3G/3GS, an iPhone stand with flexible, wrappable legs that attach to virtually any surface. The Gorillamobile attaches to the iPhone via a custom-engineered protective iPhone 3G/3GS case.

In addition to the self-timer, the Gorillacam allows for fast, uninterrupted shots, claims the manufacturer – up to 1.6 frames per second. Photos save automatically in the background, allowing users to fire off a sequence of photos. Also built into Gorillacam is a time-lapse feature that can take multiple photos spaced at user-specified intervals as short as 1 second or as long as 2 minutes.

Additional capabilities include:

  • Press anywhere – turns the entire screen into a shutter button.
  • 3-shot burst – takes three photographs in rapid succession. Never miss a second of the action. Plus, no more photos ruined when someone blinks.
  • Grid overlay – compose more interesting shots with a rule-of-thirds guide. Also suitable for lining up landscapes or buildings.
  • Bubble level – take level shots every time. Works in both vertical and horizontal modes, and is designed for horizons or panoramas.
  • Share – upload or share photos from within the Gorillacam.