BenQ Integrates PC Into HD Screen

PC manufacturer BenQ has released a new slimline PC with HD screen

BenQ’s nScreen, which is the integration of a computer inside a high definition (HD) widescreen LCD with a 16:9 aspect ratio, has been released locally.

Dubbed a ‘net-top’ distinguishing it from the traditional desktop PC, this product comes in two models, the 18-inch i91 and the 21.5-inch i221.

Gone are the cables and portals that come with desktop computing – nScreen consists of a slimline LCD display, keyboard and mouse and requires the user to follow three steps; plug it in and switch it on, and navigate an installation process to get online.

Enhancing the Internet surfing experience is a simple set-up and friendly interface, while the streamlined, design represents a new personal statement in living aesthetics, claims BenQ.

One knob on the bottom right of the LCD display doubles as both the power and volume control. A handset comes with the nScreen i221 (and is an optional extra with the i91), and works together with a built-in 1.3M webcam as a simple Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) videophone for live video chats with families and friends conveniently and affordably.

Its design means nScreen can be housed on a shelf rather than a dedicated desk therefore offering space saving, and it is claimed to use up to 80 percent less power than a traditional desktop computer.

The unit can run photo-sharing software keeping users updated with all the latest photos of family members – the 18.5-inch display of the nScreen i91can function as a large digital photo frame.

Both models run on Microsoft’s Windows XP Home edition and come with built-in speakers, a microphone, a sound system boasting two channels, a USB port, microphone in and headphone out dock and a memory card reader (MS, MS-Pro, SD, MMC).


nScreen i91 $899

nScreen i221 $1199D