Activision Claims New Gaming Genre

  • Combines figurines and gaming
  • Over 30 characters availabl
  • Pack comes with three characters

A new form of gaming is claimed by publisher Activision as it previewed its main game aimed at the Christmas market in Sydney today.

In Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure, gamers can ‘Bring Your Toys to Life’ in an adventure game where players collect real-world interaction figures and teleport them directly into the game using a Portal of Power. Activision were coy about the technology that is used to hook up the portal to the console, but once the character collects money or beats different levels, it will remember where it is up to if you take it out of the game and reintroduce it at a later date.

Propelled by a story-driven adventure, penned by Academy Award-nominated Toy Story feature film writers, Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow, players take on the role of a Portal Master who can control over 30 different characters, including the beloved fire-breathing dragon Spyro.  Players will embark on a fantastical journey into a world where they will explore mysterious, mythical lands, battle menacing outlandish creatures, collect gold and treasures, and solve puzzles while on a quest to save their world from Kaos, an evil Portal Master.  

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure changes the way we look at toys and videogames, as well as how we interact with them by introducing action figures that become interaction figures and remember all of their dynamic experiences created in the game, says Activision. For the first time ever, players can personally customize and power-up their toys, as well as bring them to life on a friend’s Portal of Power for co-op play and player-versus-player arena battles.  Additionally, with the freedom to change characters whenever they like, Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure allows kids to utilize different interaction figures and strategies each time they play.

Key features include:

  • Interaction Figures – Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure offers over 30 characters to bring out the kid in everyone.  It’s all about choice, and each interaction figure has their own unique and expressive personality, powers and abilities which provide distinct advantages and skill sets for various levels, obstacles and enemies.
  • Toys with Brains – Each interaction figure contains a “brain” that remembers the player’s shared experiences and leveled-up abilities (e.g. stats, ability and attack upgrades, and gold collected) directly within each toy, This allows players to personally customize and power-up their characters, as well as take their interaction figures on-the-go to bring them to life on a friend’s ‘Portal of Power’ for co-op play and player-versus-player arena battles.
  • Categories, Strategy & Collectability – Interaction figures are classified by element types (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Life, Undead, Magic, and Tech) and each has their own heroic challenges that are unlocked as more characters are collected.  Players can collect and then strategically select their favorite characters within the different element types to go up against certain enemies, obstacles, and puzzles as well as access new areas within the different levels of the game. 
  • The Portal of Power – The Portal of Power serves as a gateway between our world and the game world, allowing users to ‘Bring Their Toys to Life’ by teleporting real-world toys directly into the game for players to control when placed upon the Portal of Power.
  • Exploration – As the tale unfolds, players will encounter a variety of vivid environments, each with its own look and feel, and each providing different challenges, puzzles, and the discovery of secret areas, rewards and mini-games.
  • Co-Operative Play – Players can join forces with friends and drop in and out of each level with as many different interaction figures as they like.  Different strategies can come into play as players can select their favorite characters to tag-team against certain obstacles, hazards and/or enemies within the different levels of the game.
  • Player vs. Player – A battle mode provides a selection of different game modes and arena maps for players to face off against each other. Each arena map contains a variety of obstacles, hazards and power-ups.  Players will want to make sure they build up their army of different characters and level them all up to battle their friends on equal ground.