Tech Talk With Harvey Norman

First out of the blocks was the Western Digital WD TV Mini, which is used as a conduit between the content on a USB stick and your television. It’s just a matter of plugging in your USB into the Mini, and then plugging the Mini into your TV so you can see the content. It will even upgrade the picture to 1080p.

Sony iPod dock is a cute little unit that is ideal as an alarm clock. You can take out the dock itself from the side of the clock, and put your iPad in the slot. Once the iPad is no longer in use, you can slide it away.

Then there was Microsoft’s LifeCam HD5000, which as the name suggests allows you to Skype, or offer up any type of video conferencing for that matter, in HD.

Finally, there was the funky Skullcandy set of earphones, which not only have noise-cancelling ear buds, but a small fashion statement unto itself, and are designed for people on the go.

More gadgets can be found here.