Panasonic Viera Neo Plasma

This is the Panasonic Viera Neo Plasma has an entirely new plasma design, where the materials used, the discharge gas and cell design, and the circuit technology deliver twice the luminous efficiency of previous plasmas.

Plasma screens don't have a backlight like LCD instead they use an electric charge to turn gases into a plasma which then excites phosphors to emit light. The unit uses image analysis technology, which converts the motion in each scene into data, then optimises the frame to display fast action scenes in full HD resolution.

Connectivity and networking are huge parts of this range of plasmas. Digital Living Network Alliance compatibility allows users to stream content stored on other DLNA enabled products in the home network. Added to DLNA is Viera Cast online entertainment, a function that lets the viewers use the internet, including steam internet content, on their main monitor. Services available through Viera CAST include voice and video calling through Skype.

There a lot more to the Panaonic Viera Neo Plasma.

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