Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat – value premium robovac/mop (cleaning)

The Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat is a premium robovac/mop with features for which you usually pay several hundred dollars more. If you are value-conscious, this is the Dreame for you.

At CyberShack, we review robovac/mops from Dreame, Ecovacs (Deebot), Eufy, LG, Samsung, and Robot My Life (Ultenic and Hobot). Each is special in its way. We realised you can break these into categories and price brackets to enable accurate comparison.

So, we wrote Five tips for choosing a robovac/mop, and here is a summary of those categories

  • Generation 1 ‘Dumbots’ (<$500, bump/pattern cleaning, no intelligence easily identified by no top LiDAR turret).
  • Gen 2 ‘Dimbots’ (<$1000 2D LiDAR mapping, bumper obstacle avoidance, preprogrammed cleaning patterns, cliff detection).
  • Gen 3 ‘Averagebots’ (<$1500 with 2D LiDAR mapping, basic IR obstacle detection, basic AI navigation, Basic App).
  • Gen 4 Brainybots’ ($1500+ 3D Mapping, extra sensors, AI navigation, Comprehensive App, Voice control and beginnings of one-pass clean).
  • Gen 5 ‘SmartBots’ ($2000+ with cameras, extra sensors like ToF, higher levels of AI like object recognition, cleaning stations, better mopping systems and more).

For example, the DreameBot L20 Ultra is a very smart, efficient robovac/mop is a true Gen 5 with several types of mapping (editable, 2D and 360° 3D LiDAR, IR sensor), multiple obstacle avoidance (camera, headlights, IR, sensors, AI detection), advanced AI (auto-suction levels, floor type identification, mop lift on carpet, and furniture types) and auto floor detergent dispenser. But it is $2799.

The Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat, priced at $1999, has most of the Gen 5 L20 Ultra features. It earns our respect as a great robovac/mop that can clean the whole house without extensive house prep—it is that good.

Key Differences and similarities – L20 Ultra and L10s Pro Ultra Heat (in brackets)

  • Headlights, important for AI camera object avoidance in low-light areas (No – uses IR)
  • Auto eject and leave mop pads at the base for carpet-only areas (no lift only)
  • 6400mAh battery 260 minutes (5200mAh 220 minutes)
  • 7000pa vacuum suction (same)
  • Floor sense and mop pad lift 10.5 mm over carpet (same)
  • MopExtend (yes)
  • Camera obstacle detection (yes)
  • Base station with dirt disposal, water/wastewater, mop clean and hot air dry, and floor cleaning solution reservoir (smaller but has 53° hot wash to clean and dry mops).

Be aware that the L10s Ultra is $1299 and has a 53000pa, 7mm rotary mop lift, and a 210-minute runtime. There is a product comparison here (select Robot Vacuum Tab). We don’t recommend the L10s Plus, as it has a vibrating mop platen.

Australian review: Dreame L10S Pro Ultra Heat

AU WebsiteAustralian site
Product page
Owners guide
RRP Price$1999, but shop around
FromDreame Online, Harvey Norman (and sub-brands), JB Hi-Fi, Robot Specialist
Elevator pitchHeaps smarter than your average robovac
Made inChina
About the companyDreame (Est 2015) is a member of the Xiaomi Ecological Chain and the driving force and leading enterprise of smart household cleaning appliances (at least in China). It focuses on high-end cleaning appliances by leveraging astrodynamics technologies (the study of ballistics and celestial mechanics).
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We use Fail (below expectations), Passable (meets low expectations), Pass (meets expectations), Pass+ (near Exceed but not class-leading) and Exceed (surpasses expectations or is the class leader) against many of the items below. You can click on most images for an enlargement.

We are also tightening up on grading. From now on, Pass, for example, means meeting expectations for the price bracket. We consider a Pass mark to be 70+/100 with extra points added for class-leading and excellence.

First Impression – Pass+

Like all Gen 5 bots with cleaning towers, the DreameBot L20 Ultra is quite big. The robot is 350 round x 97 mm high x 4.1kg – solid. The cleaning tower is 356.7 x 340 x 590.5 x 13.3kg plus about 5kg of water – huge. It presents well in white with gold highlights.

Like all robovacs (we will use this term instead of robovac/mop), it needs a clear area of 1.5m in front and 5cm on each side of the tower for the robot to exit and enter. It also needs 240V power.

Interestingly, the tower (self-empty, mop clean/dry station, and floor cleaning solution reservoir) has the option of a water hookup kit for auto-refilling and draining. We cannot find anything about its Australian availability, but it would require water, drainage, and power!

Like the L20, it can kick out its right mop pad to the width of the robot, enabling almost perfect edge cleaning.

Sensors – Exceed

It is a true Gen 5 robot with 3D LiDAR, AI camera and various IR and presence sensors. It has:

  • 3D LiDAR turret (called the LDS –laser distance sensor).
  • Camera for AI object identification and avoidance.
  • 2 x Front IR laser line sensors (object avoidance).
  • 1 x Right side IR edge sensor (edge detection on the right side).
  • 4 x cliff sensors.
  • Carpet/hard floor ultrasonic sensor.
  • Automatic vacuum boost sensor.
  • 180° Bumper sensor.
  • Microphones for Google, Alexa, and Siri voice commands.

Add to this Dreame’s Pathfinder Smart Navigation (ensures no missed spots), and AI that recognises 55+ different types of objects to avoid, and it is a very smart robot.

Dustbin (in robot) – Pass+

It has a 350ml internal dustbin that does not need to be emptied, as this occurs at the tower into a 3.2L disposable bag. The internal dustbin has a filter that needs regular manual cleaning.

Note: This is a dry vacuum and wet mop only. You cannot vacuum liquids, which will damage the suction motor. However, you can set it to mop only if you wish to mop small wet spills.

Mop water capacity – Pass+

It has an internal 80ml tank, which is adequate as it is refilled when it returns to the 4.5L clean water container in the tower. It returns to the tower every 15m2 (can be set from 10-20m2 or by room/zone) or when the mop is dirty or the reservoir is low.

Dreame claims that the tower can provide enough clean water for 300m2 mopping.

Cleaning Solution – Pass+

The tower has a refillable reservoir for Dreame Multi-surface floor cleaner that costs $39.95 per litre. It certainly seems to have more grease-cutting ability than water.

Water and Wastewater – Pass+

It has 4.5L water and 4L wastewater tanks. As it cleans the mops every 15m2 or so, you generally only get two to three home cleans. It is best practice to empty the wastewater after each use.

Setup – Pass+

Download the Dreamehome App for Android or iOS and follow the prompts.

While it requires you to set up an account, the data collected is limited to what is necessary to provide a service. Servers are in the USA, Germany, and Singapore (for Australia) and are protected by the privacy rules of these countries. All data, including video (stored on the device – not in the cloud), can be deleted via the App, and the account can be deleted. The Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are at the end of the review. In all, the privacy policy is benign.

App settings – Comprehensive Pass+

While the Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat ‘CleanGenius’ default settings are fine, we found that the best vacuum/mop setting was standard vacuum power (Quiet, Standard, Turbo and Max) and balanced mop pattern (you can select light, balanced or deep for really dirty floors). There is no setting for multiple passes – only simultaneous vacuum and mop or mop after vacuum; however, CleanGenius detects dirty areas and makes as many passes as needed.

There are also settings for the tower where you can adjust return triggers (small, medium, and large homes), mop drying times, etc. The settings are very comprehensive. The screenshots below cover most headings.

I love Quick Map – Pass+

Quick Map covers about 10m2 per minute and is very accurate. For this run, you should complete a comprehensive home prep (see our guide). Then, you set boundaries, no-go zones, and room names.

Once the map is complete, it will update it with any new areas it finds and report via the cleaning history log.

Voice control – Google, Alexa, Siri – Pass(able)

There are very few commands and no custom room commands. The usual commands include the watchword and

  • Start/stop/pause/resume vacuuming/cleaning.
  • Clean the named room (does not work with custom names).
  • Return home.

Remember, If you enable voice control, your data protection is that of Google, Alexa or Siri.

Battery Life – Pass+

The 14.4V/5.2A/75W (5200mAh) battery life depends on the cleaning mode – vacuum and mop, vacuum only, mop only, number of repetitions and suction levels.

In theory, on Quiet settings, it will get 160 minutes in combo vacuum and mop. In vacuum or mop only, that extends to 240 minutes. But that is not real life.

You will get 60-90 minutes of typical use. Charge time at 20V/2A/40W is about 4 hours (slightly faster than the average).

The dock power use during charging is <100W, mop clean and dry is 80W, and during dustbin empty can reach 1000W.

Cleaning speed – Pass

On the Quiet settings, it can clean at about 1m2 per minute (average for all brands). With our custom settings, it was 1m2 per 1.25 minutes.

Vacuuming efficiency – Pass+

While it advertises 7000Pa (about 875 Air Watts) that is on the Max mode. Quiet is about 2000Pa, Standard is about 3500Pa, Turbo is about 5,500Pa, etc.

Our tests involve using a Dyson Gen5detect to see how much detritus is left over. The test is in standard mode. Turbo and Max’s settings increase effectiveness by a few percent.

  • Short pile carpet – 87% – This is above average.
  • Medium Pile carpet – 85% – average.
  • Long pile – 82% – average.
  • Hard floors – close to 98% and up to a grain of rice size. Larger particles may be flicked sideways by the whisker brush. It is a higher percentage due to the excellent edge clean.

It has a 17cm tangle-free brush (13-17mm is typical of all-round robots), which means it needs to make more overlapping passes to vacuum the floor.

Mop clean efficiency – Pass+

The Dreame L20 Ultra introduced rotating and extendable mop pads – far better than a static platen mop pad.

Overall, it passed our dried split milk and coffee stain removal tests by detecting that it needed to reclean the area. You can set light, balanced, or deep mopping (in essence, increasing the mop overlap on each pass), which can provide a better-than-maintenance standard, streak-free mop.

One issue we found was that MopExtend sometimes left an unmopped narrow channel (between the rotating mop pads), but it generally went back and cleaned the area.

Edge and Corner Clean mop – the secret sauce – Exceed

The key thing for both the L20 Ultra and L10s Pro Ultra is that the right mop rotor can extend out to the edge of the robot (MopExtend). Corners still suffer ‘arc’ clean, but it cleans closer than any robot tested to date.

Carpet lift – Pass+

As it auto-detects carpet, you don’t need to set no-mop zones. Most home carpets are 5-7mm, although longer piles can be up to 10mm. The mop pads lift 10.5mm over the carpet and stop rotating with water cutoff. Carpets were not damp (tested by a Klein moisture meter), but the edges of 10mm or thicker rugs showed some moisture.

Sill negotiation – Pass+

It had no issue with 20mm sills.

Under furniture – Pass

It is lower than the L20 at 97mm and clears furniture and most cupboard overhangs quite well. It does not have headlights like the L20 and did not get lost under beds, etc.

Obstacle Avoidance – Pass+

Home Prep is largely unnecessary, although the more you do, the better it will be able to clean. For example, if you lift dining chairs, it does under the table. If you leave them, it tries to clean around the legs and can miss spots around them.

The AI camera recognises 55+ different obstacle types and will take a picture of known and unknown obstacles. We don’t know what those 55+ types are, but we do know it has a pet mode that allegedly can recognise ‘solidish’ pet poo and avoid it.

It worked well with Lego blocks, shoes, and cables (although we don’t recommend leaving them around).

Camera mode – Pass+

It can act as a sentry or record a video of your clean. It also helps with 3D mapping. All video remains on the device for added security.

Noise – Pass+

Depending on the mode, it is quiet, ranging from 60 to 76 dB. The cleaning station gets to 80dB when emptying the dustbin or mop cleaning.

Base station – Pass+

The cleaning tower is 356.7 x 340 x 590.5 x 13.3kg plus about 5kg of water – huge. It presents well in white with gold highlights.

Build quality – Exceed

The Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat is a premium product with a premium build and a three-year warranty.

Maintenance and inbox – Pass+

The App keeps track of replacement schedules. The tower cleaning bay and ramp need occasional cleaning to remove detritus.

PartReplacement regularityPrice
Clean water tankAfter each use 
Wastewater tankAfter each use 
Cleaning solutionAs needed – several months in 1L bottle$39.95
Dust bags3.2L claimed 75 days of use$49.95 3-pack
Mop padsEvery 1-3 months – washable$49.95 4-pack
Dustbin filterEvery 3-6 months – washable$49.95 2-pack
Side brushesEvery 3-6 months$39.95 2-pack
Roller brushEvery 6-12 months$49.95
Roller coverEvery 6-12 months$39.95
Ultra kit6 mop pads, 2 filters, 2 side brushes, 2 dust bags, 1 Roller brush$199.95

CyberShack’s view – Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat is a very smart, efficient, good-value robovac/mop

The DreameBot L20 Ultra is still ahead on points, but at $800 more, it should be. The Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat offers too much and has few compromises over its big brother.

We use four test panellist households and mine. The panel were involved in reviews for the Dreame L20 Ultra and its closest competitors, the Ecovacs Deebot T20 and X2 Omni.

#1 – “It is nice to see such a full-featured robovac/mop at below $2,000. I am confident I can set a schedule and forget this, as it does a good job with obstacle avoidance.

#2 “It is very good at a more affordable price. It is nice that Dreame has listened to the floor cleaning solution and price issue. We now have three robovac/mops that can do a whole-of-home, one-pass clean (vacuum and mop) on my multi-story home. Although it can record four maps, if you want to mop hard floors on each, the multi-floor feature requires lifting a heavy base station upstairs”.

#3 “I loved that it identified carpets and lifted the mop. It made one pass cleaning a reality for my single-level home”.

#4 (Pet owner): “I tried the Pet setting, and it did indeed identify dog poo, and pet hair did not tangle the main brush”.

#5 (me) As the final reviewer, I must repeat the same tests for each robot. As mentioned, it is slightly less capable than the L20 Ultra, but if you have not used this, then the Dreame L10s Pro Ultra is a great whole-of-home solution.

Summary: Excellent whole-of-home robovac/mop at an ever-better price.

Dreame 10s Pro Ultra Heat rating

Note that for 2024 onwards, the pass mark is 70/100 (it was creeping up over 80)

  • Features: 85 – everything you could want – even things you did not know you needed
  • Value: 90 – $1p99 is fair for what you get.
  • Performance: 85 – better than average mopping, mop lift on the carpet, MopExtend edge clean, and terrific on hard floors.
  • Ease of Use: 85 – The App is comprehensive and easy to use
  • Design: 80 – Round means it must make more passes than the Square Ecovacs X2, which makes it a little slower. As far as a round robot goes, it is top drawer.


  • Can do one-pass, whole-of-home clean with minimal prep.
  • Excellent MopExtend edge clean.
  • Strong vacuum power for hard floors and mop does more than a maintenance clean.
  • Hot air mop dry is a nice addition.
  • Excellent obstacle avoidance.


  • Cleaning time is 20% longer than its competitor.
  • Large, heavy base station (if you want to move it).
  • Corner cleaning is still a round robot issue.

Summary table – Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat

ShapeRoundEffectively addresses the ‘round’ issues with MopExtend edge cleaning but still has typical round corner cleaning issues.Pass+
Lidar3DRotating turret to Gen 5 standardPass+
SensorIRTwo forward IR sensors help to avoid obstaclesPass+
CameraYesForward AI camera aids in 3D mapping and obstacle avoidance. Option to enable live viewPass+
Maps4You must take the base station to each level.Pass
Map editYesAll the usual, including mop and no mop zonesPass+
AppDreame HomeGoogle Play Store or Apple App Store
It meets all typical needs. Modes include vacuum, mop, or both, suction, water volume, battery level, cleaning diary, area clean, navigation pattern, schedules, etc. Real-time tracking.
VoiceYesGoogle, Alexa and Siri but very basic commandsPassable
EdgeYesIt gets closer to edges (2mm) than round-robovacsExceed
>82-87% on carpet and >95% on hard floor
It depends on the carpet type – use a stronger suction setting and repeat clean patterns.
Carpet LiftYes10.5mmPass+
Sills20mmNo issuesPass+
Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat Continued
Other SensorsAllForward bumper sensor.
The cliff detector stops it from going down the stairs.
Carpet detector
IR Edge detectors
Suction7000PaOn MaxPass+
Dustbin320mlAdequate given 3.2L self-empty functionPass+
Water internal80mlIt returns to base every 15m2 (can be adjusted 10-20m2) It uses Silver Ion to eliminate 99.9%Vof germs.Pass+
Battery lifeRealistically, 60-90 minutes, depending on vac/mop and power levelsPass+
Battery6400mAh14.4V/5.2A/75W and 4-hour chargePass+
Wi-Fi2.4GHzSame as most robot vacuums/mops.Pass
Size350 round x 97mm high x 4.1kgPass
Dock456.7 x 340 x 590.5mm x 13.3kg plus about 5kg of water
Recharge time is about 4 hours.
3.2L dust bag
4.5L clean water
4L wastewater
Inbox1x Base Station and ramp
1x Robot
1x Side Brush
2x Mop Pad (pre-installed)
1x Power Cord
2x Mop Pad Holder
1x Cleaning Brush
1x Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner – trial
2x Dust Collection Bag (replacement)
1x User Manual

Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat value premium robovac/mop








Ease of Use





  • Can do one-pass, whole-of-home clean with minimal prep.
  • Excellent MopExtend edge clean.
  • Strong vacuum power for hard floors and mop does more than a maintenance clean.
  • Hot air mop dry is a nice addition.
  • Excellent obstacle avoidance.


  • Cleaning time is 20% longer than its competitor.
  • Large, heavy base station (if you want to move it).
  • Corner cleaning is still a round robot issue.