CES 2015: Belkin expands WeMo home automation range

Belkin this week at CES 2015 announced the expansion of its WeMo home automation range, adding products including a key ring that knows whether the owner is home or not, an alarm sensor and a room motion detector. Given the sector's growth, a Belkin spokesperson said it was important for Belkin to keep innovating with its range.

"We have to keep growing the WeMo range and continue our leadership in home automation. It's great to see home automation is again one of the biggest trends at CES this year," said the spokesperson. "The real goal is for WeMo is to be synonymous with home automation. In Australia we'll be kicking of the 'can I WeMo that' campaign in the next few months."

The "Can I WeMo that" campaign encourages creative problem solving using a combination of WeMo sensors.

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