Belkin’s latest WeMo smart home sensor can help save you money

Belkin last night announced the Australian availability of the WeMo Insight Switch and WeMo Maker, two of the newest sensors in its smart home ecosystem.

In addition to giving users the ability to turn appliances on and off, the WeMo Insight Switch (pictured above) is able to monitor energy usage. The Switch is able provide insights such as when the connected device was last on, the amount of time it was on for during the day, the time the device is kept on during an average day, and the operating cost.

Using this data, the WeMo Insight Switch is able to trigger notifications when a device has been turned on for a certain amount of time, or used a specified amount of energy. These can be funnelled through recipe service IFTTT in order to interact with other smart home devices.

The Insight Switch will be available in July for AUD$99.95.

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