Wires Crossed #113 – February 28

Yahoo CEO Makes Unpopular Move

Yahoo CEO Makes Unpopular Move
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer may be relatively young, a new mother, and trying her best to make all the right moves, but her latest might have spectacularly backfired. Like a lot of start-ups out of Silicon Valley, being uber cool is almost as important to a company as what it’s selling, and one thing that Yahoo – and it’s main competitor Google – have had in common is how they are not only at the cutting edge of their particular niche, but they are great places to work, too. New mum Mayer has ruffled a few feathers by demanding that all staff work at the office, as opposed to working from home, as some now do. The working from home aspect has been pretty popular with mothers trying to not only juggle the needs of domesticand work, but also trying to find a reasonable balance between both. Now that Mayer has laid down the law about no longer working at home, she might have stirred up a hornets’ nest, not only amongst her staff, but also women’s advocate groups who have been a dissenting voice in the decision.

Say It Ain’t So Hammer!
Who needs to buy a newspaper these days to get the latest celebrity gossip when the subject of the gossip has a Twitter account and doesn’t mind giving you the detes first hand? Such is the case with former rap star MC Hammer who was arrested for obstruction in Dublin, California, recently. We didn’t have to read police reports, interview witnesses, or try and track down the alleged defendant. Turns out that Hammer is quite the tweeter and gave every one of his three million followers a concise, informative run down on how, where and why he was arrested. The right reverend didn’t hold back on what he thought of the cop either.

Google Maps Finds Cheat
A young Russian lady found out in the most bizarre way that her boyfriend was cheating on her – via Google Maps. The story out of Russia tells how Marina Voinova was searching up an old address on Google Maps, when she saw that Google’s street view car had caught her current boyfriend in a more-than-friendly clasp with another woman. Turns out it was her lothario’s ex that he was seeing and he coughed. We’re a little dubious about the veracity of the story, but we’ll give the reporting agency the benefit of the doubt. Still, just lucking into finding him like that? We’re suspicious.

Veteran Gets Send Off After Facebook Post
We just think this is cool in so many ways. When 70-year-old British marine James McConnell recently passed away it was noted by the local clergy that he had no next of kin or close friends to attend his funeral. So using the wonders of social media, the Reverend Bob Mason put up a post on Facebook and contacted the Royal Marines Association about the situation and more than 200 people turned up to pay their respects. At a time when over and over again we read about party invites going viral on Facebook, and usually end up involving the police, it’s nice to see something worthwhile ends up doing the rounds and having such a great outcome.


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