Sony Delivers Google TV

  • Dual-sided remote
  • Available via selected Bravia TVs
  • Access to Google Play Store

Sony announced it will be bringing the Google TV platform to Australia, which it claims will bring Australians an enhanced entertainment experience through a number of features.

These features include apps and games from Google Play, a web browser utilising Google Chrome and the YouTube on TV experience. In addition, the Player’s “smart” remote – including track pad and full QWERTY keyboard – ensures simple navigation through the features. 

The service will initially be available with the purchase of selected models from the company’s Bravia TV range.

Viewers can search for anything they can imagine with the Google Chrome browser. Enjoy easy access to favourite websites, YouTube – with 72 hours of video being added every minute– and more at the touch of a button. It also offers access to Sony Entertainment Network’s services including Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited.

The dual-sided remote has a touch pad for cursor control on one side and on the other a full keyboard for searching, emails and social media updates. It also has a three-axis motion sensor for playing games.

With the addition of Google Play store, viewers have access to the growing collection of games, news and social apps such as YouTube and Twitter – with new apps continually added from a global community of developers from around the world.

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