Putting The Parent In Control Of The Nintendo 3DS

  • Sets time limits for kids
  • Tamper proof casing
  • Provides warning when it is going to turn off

If it were up to most kids, they’d play their handheld games day and night; in fact in 2009 the ABS reported that on average, 10 percent of children aged 5-14 played video games for 20 hours or more per fortnight – this does not include TV, iPad, or other screen time.

A new parental control from distributor Bluemouth has been designed for the Nintendo 3DS. This new video gaming product can automatically monitor and limit children’s gameplay time.

So how does the Parental Control Case for Nintendo 3DS work?

  • Set The Time: Parents can set the maximum gaming time per day or per gaming session.
  • Via a detachable electronic key, set the gameplay time to 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes for a session and between one and four hours for a day.
  • The controller enforces ‘break’ time, needing a minimum amount of time to pass before allowing re-use of the Nintendo 3DS.
  • The Parental Control system provides a warning several minutes prior to shut down so that children can save the game and when the time is up, the game will automatically quit.
  • Adjust Safe Play Distance: The device uses a proximity meter to ensure the child’s face is not too close to the screen by detecting the space between the screen and the child’s eyes and providing a warning when the distance is too small. If they are too close, a warning light flashes and a loud signal is emitted. After 30 seconds, if the child is still too close, the Controller will bring the Nintendo 3DS to the Home Menu.
  • Tamper-proof: There is a tamper-proof alarm, which beeps if the Nintendo 3DS is removed from the casing.

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