Phone Halo Prevents Loss of Valuables

New device for mobile phones makes it easy to track items such as purses, keys and briefcases

Phone Halo is a mobile device application company specialising in products that converge with the physical world of mobile devices.

It newest product, Phone Halo Protect, is designed to be attached to small Bluetooth enabled devices to keys, briefcases, purses and other valuables which communicate with software running on your smart phone. Using smart phones to converge with the physical world is a relatively new concept that Phone Halo believes is the future of mobile applications.

There are dozens of expensive gadgets launched at CES each year. Many are entertainment or luxury items, but Phone Halo aims to provide instant value for a common, everyday problem.

“We figure that hundreds of hours are spent each day by people trying to locate misplaced items, why not prevent loss and misplacement,” says Chris Herbert, CIO of Phone Halo.
While a handful of other products provide tracking solutions; Phone Halo is the only product that both prevents loss and provides functionality to track products should the system fail.

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