3D TV Due Next Year

It’s been in the pipeline for a while now, but Sony has announced it will be releasing 3D TVs in 2010.

Sony chairman Sir Howard Stringer has announced a couple of weeks ago that the company would be releasing 3D technology in most of its products including televisions, laptops, blu-ray players etc.

This technology is seen as the next logical step after LCD and plasma have been grabbing most of the headlines over the past couple of years.

So what will it mean for consumers. Well, instead of having to go to your local theatre to see object or person come flying out at the screen at you. There could be the odd heart attack from the eldery who are not used to such technology, but as for an on-screen experience, it should be a lot of fun.

Stringer claims there are still some things that need sorting out, but basically they will be using what is called active shutter technology, which uses electronic glasses that have tiny shutters that open and close rapidly in synchronisation with the television image to create the 3D impression.

Sounds intriguing, and we look forward to seeing how it works.