Samsung at CES 2023 – Quantum Dot OLED, Micro-LED, Neo QLED TVs, projectors, soundbars, and Odyssey OLED gaming screens (AV)

Samsung at CES 2023 has launched an impressive range of its new Quantum Dot OLED, Micro-LED, and Neo QLED TVs in various styles, models, and sizes from 50-140”. The good news is that most of these are coming to Australia in 2023.

Samsung Quantum Dot OLED

Samsung has developed a hybrid screen – an OLED backlight (each pixel is individually addressable like a switchable lightbulb) and a Quantum Dot colour layer. It uses a B (Blue) OLED backlight to illuminate RGB Quantum Dots (one pixel to three Quantum Dots) to create colour and tone. Samsung says QD-OLED can reach 2000nits peak brightness (in 2% of the screen), 1,000,000:1 contrast, and a wider colour gamut. Because they don’t have colour filters and LCD gates, they are brighter and have better viewing angles than QLED/LCD TVs.

To be clear, this is nothing like LG’s OLED, where each pixel contains a WRGB (white, red, green. Blue) and is self-emissive (generates its light and colour). LG OLED can generate up to 1000nits peak brightness and infinite contrast, although its new Evo OLED reaches higher peaks.

QD-OLED fast facts

  • Available from Q2, 2023
  • 55, 65 and 75” models
  • Up to 144Hz PC Gaming with suitable GPU
  • Up to 100Hz (AU power is 50Hz) for console gaming with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro
  • HDR10+ (Samsung’s dynamic frame x frame mapping) and backwards compatible with HDR10 and earlier. It does not support Dolby Vision and, when encountered, downmixes to HDR10 (movie x movie mapping).
  • Samsung Tizen OS and Samsung TV Plus (advert-supported content)
  • 12-months warranty

Samsung Micro-LED

This is not Mini-LED, as used now in most mid-range TVs. Micro-LED uses millions of RGB micro-LEDs to be self-emissive LEDs. It is a modular system and comes in 77-114” screen sizes. Price? Add an extra zero to what a similar QD-OLED sells for. Micro-LED is most likely to supersede OLED in the future.

Neo QLED (Mini-LED)

Samsung’s mainstream Backlit LED/LCD TV technology has gone Mini-LED. Although its lower-cost entry-level models remain Edge-Lit and Direct Lit LCD.

  • Available from Q2, 2023
  • 4K and 8K models in the most popular sizes
  • HDR10+ (not Dolby Vision)
  • Auto HDR remastering uses AI deep learning technology to analyse and apply real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR) effects on Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) content on a scene-by-scene basis.
  • AI upscaling, with Shape Adaptive Light Control and Real Depth Enhancer Pro
  • SmartThings Zigbee & Matter Thread One-Chip Module is built in

Lifestyle TV and laser from Q1, 2023

  • The Premiere Laser Projector 8K ultra-short throw projector for a maximum screen size of 150”.
  • The Freestyle with Smart EDGE Blending: The Samsung Freestyle 2022 – the portable projector in the round (review) is a 1080e (FHD emulation). In 2023, users can access the Smart EDGE Blending feature, which allows users to use two Freestyles and watch content in a 21:9 configuration.
  • New Art Store with features such as previews at-a-glance and extended content offerings.
  • New metal bezel option for a modern and luxurious look on The Frame.
  • Samsung’s optional Auto Rotating Wall Mount & stand, with automatic rotation and vertical media viewing of The Sero, comes to The Frame and Neo QLEDs.

Samsung 2023 Soundbars (‘C” is for a 2023 model)

HW-Q990C, 11.1.4 Dolby Atmos, Q-Symphony. The soundbar taps into the TV’s Neural Processing Unit to analyse audio signals and process each sound for more detail. It also has AI Sound Remastering to remaster each sound object to help ensure voices are clear, environmental sounds enveloping, and each component is at the right volume. It offers additional features when paired with a Samsung Q-Symphony compatible TV.

There will be a range of soundbars for all niches starting from Q1 2023.

Samsung Odyssey, ViewFinity and Smart Monitors

  • 57” Odyssey Neo G9, 1800 R Curved – Mini-LED/QD, VESA HDR1000, Dual input (inc DP 2.1), 7680 x 2160, 32:9, 240Hz
  • 49” Odyssey QD-OLED G9, 1800R Curved –Dual input, quad-HD, 32:9, .1ms response, 250Hz refresh (with suitable GPU)
  • 27” Smart Monitor M8 – with 4K resolution (32” also available). SmartThings Hub, Samsung Tizen TV OS, 2K video camera
  • 27” ViewFinity S9 – 5K 5120 x 2880, 99% DCI-P3, Delta E <2, optimised for creative professionals, graphic designers, and photographers. USB-C and Thunderbolt connections. Includes a 4K SlimFit camera for a videoconference.

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