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Samsung today announced pricing for their curved, 105" 4K TV; unsurprisingly, it's not cheap. The gigantic display has a price tag that matches its size: USD$120,000. The TV, known as the UN105S9W, is "made to order", features a curved OLD 4K screen and a wooden-finish on the back.

Amazon's USD$9.99 per month Kindle Unlimited service has now launched in the United States, but an Australian launch could be a while off. Kindle Unlimited has been described as Netflix or Spotify for books, giving readers "unlimited access to over 600,000 titles and thousands of audiobooks on any device". 

Sick of turning around to yell at the kids when they're playing up in the car? The 2015 Toyota Sienna minivan will offer a feature called "Driver Easy Speak", a microphone that can be used to clearly speak with (or yell at) passengers in the back without having to turn around. Passengers in the backseat do not have a microphone of their own.

Generation Like is a short documentary that aired on Four Corners last night. The documentary focuses on the extreme examples of people searching for an audience, recognition and validation via various social media channels.

Samsung has continued their anti-Apple advertising campaign, taking a potshot at the iPhone's screen size. The ad highlights the Galaxy S5's display, proclaiming it the "screen your friends wish they had".

Toshiba announced today the Encore 2, the 10" successor to its first Windows 8.1 tablet, will be available in Australia by the end of the month. The new tablet runs the full version of Windows 8.1, boasts a quad-core Intel processor and a 1280x800 display.

We’re living in an age where cyber-attacks are targeting high-profile web services. It’s getting to the stage where no matter how security conscious we are, we have to rely on the websites we use to be just as stringent. As Catch of the Day demonstrated, this isn’t always the case; we may not even know our information has been compromised. But at the same time, the Catch of the Day hack isn't anything out of the ordinary. Sure, we didn't find out until three years later (which shouldn't have been the case), but otherwise, such attacks are unfortunately becoming commonplace. So instead, we're going to take a look at some of history's most interesting hacks.

Looking to upgrade your phone and tablet? You're in luck! Optus have begun taking pre-orders for LG's new flagship phone, the LG G3, and the first 100 customers will receive a bonus G Pad 8.3, valued at $399.

Last Friday, daily deal website Catch of the Day alerted customers that their security had been compromised, revealing names, delivery addresses, email addresses, encrypted passwords, and in some cases, credit cards. But this breach wasn't a recent occurrence, it happened in early May, 2011.

The PC isn't dead 19 July 2014

Intel's second quarter earnings provided us with an interesting insight: the personal computer isn't dead yet. For the first time in a while, PC sales have grown rather than shrunk.

Skype users now have access to free group video calling. Previously, users would need to pay around $10 a month for this functionality. Group video calling is available on Windows, Windows RT, Mac and Xbox One.

Not even a year of the debut of the Nokia's X handsets, Microsoft have halted their Android efforts and will replace them with Windows Phone devices in the future.

From 11am today, luxury car service Uber will be delivering delicious ice cream straight to your door. Customers in Sydney and Adelaide have the choice of 500mL tubs of either salted caramel, chocolate brownie or bounty ice cream, while customers in Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne will be able to order tubs of Gelato Messina ice cream.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the Destiny beta yesterday courtesy of Sony and Activision, and it's pretty fantastic! I was able to play through the campaign's prologue mission, a bit of the second, and fit in two rounds of multiplayer.

Microsoft's recently announced OneDrive storage upgrades have gone live for new and existing users. Matching Google Drive gigabyte-for-gigabyte, OneDrive now offers 15 gigabytes of free storage.

Rumours of the personal computer's death appear to have been greatly exaggerated. CPU manufacturer Intel yesterday reported better than expected second quarter earnings, driven by a stabilising PC industry.

Smartwatch aficionados craving for a way to type on their wrist are in luck: Minuum is bringing their bite-sized keyboard to Android Wear. While the super-predictive keyboard isn't yet available for the general public, eager smartwatch owners can sign up for the website.

The first functional iPhone 6 clone has appeared in China's mobile phone marketplace. Based on the rumoured design of the 4.7" iPhone, the clone is known as the Wico i6 and is profiled in two videos by 86Digi below.

Amazon is testing an eBook and audiobook subscription service called "Kindle Unlimited" priced at $9.99 per month according to test pages for the service. A test page banner stated the service would offer "unlimited access to over 600,000 titles and thousands of audiobooks on any device".

Rdio subscribers using the popular song detection service will now be able to listen to entire tracks without leaving Shazam. Previously, users would only have access to a preview, and the option to open Rdio, Spotify or the iTunes store.